Dreams - Part 1 – Living the Dream - DG

Part 1 – Living the Dream 

Discussion Guide  

We often go through life without examining our situation or thinking about where we are going. If we’re comfortable, we can become apathetic. If we’re sinking in stress and despair, we often don’t have the energy to look ahead and beyond. But God wants to give us His dream for our lives. And that starts with seeking Him. 

What you will need: A Bible or your Bible app, a notebook, pen, and highlighter. The verses highlighted below are linked so that you can easily access them during your study time. 

Jump Start 

1. Do you consider yourself a dreamer or have you stopped dreaming? If you have a dream that fuels your goals, do you have a verse or a promise that sustains your dream? Does your dream line up with a God-given purpose in your life? 

2. Read Genesis 37:6-11 and 19-20. Joseph and his brothers dealt with some issues. What were they? What lessons can we learn from the way Joseph shared his dream with them? What happens to our dreams when others are not excited, supportive, or enthusiastic about them? 

3. Joseph’s dream did not give him a road map for life, for success, or for his purpose. How do you find God’s will and purpose for your life? Read Mark 1:35, Luke 6:12, and Proverbs 3:5-7. Next, look at Psalm 119:105. What resource do you have from this passage? There is one other major way to understand what God is saying to you. Read John 14:26.  

4. When you don’t have all the details of God’s plan or how to achieve the dream He has given you, what can you do? Read Genesis 39:2-5 and Colossians 3:23-24

5. Action Steps: Read John 15:4-5. Have you ever tried to accomplish that goal on your own? Pursing Jesus and abiding in Him makes all the difference. What are practical ways that you pursue Him? Share with your group what you are doing or what you are now committing to do to pursue God and His dream for your life. 

Or, choose from the options below: 

 a. Start a daily quiet time. 

 b. Read the Bible daily. Try this YouVersion Plan: Bible in One Year 2023 with Nicky Gumbel.  

 c. Commit to praying with your spouse daily about your future and dreams. 


This series is all about finding God's dream for our lives and following Him. We are all in the process of becoming who God has called us to be. This week, look deeply at the life of Joseph as he struggled, yet fulfilled God’s purpose for his life. 

6. We first meet Joseph in Genesis 37. He is his father’s favorite. He is a bit immature and boastful—and he is hated by his brothers. List the trials of Joseph and how we know God was with him. 

 a. Genesis 37:18-28

 b. Genesis 37:36

 c. Genesis 39

 d. Genesis 40:9-15, 20-23

 e. Genesis 41:1, 14-16: 

7. After interpreting the Pharaoh’s dreams and explaining what Pharaoh must do to save his people from famine, Joseph was promoted to rule over Egypt, subject only to Pharaoh (Genesis 41:37-43). After many years in power, his brothers came from Canaan to buy food, as the famine was across much of the world. Chapters 42-47 are the story of Joseph, now on top, testing his brothers. How do you see them being tested and “the genuineness of their faith” being proven in the passages below?  

 a. Genesis 42:18-28: 

 b. Genesis 43:1-10:

 c. Genesis 44:1-2, 7-13, 30-34: 8. We find that God was present through the struggles and hardships, and that He had a master plan. Read Genesis 50:15-21. What does this passage say to you about your struggles?  

Additional Note: Not only did God change an evil situation and use it for good, but He allowed Joseph to realize His master plan. Joseph saved not only Egypt but most of the Middle East with the food and supplies he ordered to be stored up. Sometimes it all comes full circle, and we see the master plan. Other times, we never see the master plan while here on earth. Either way, we move forward, knowing God will work in every situation to make good.