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Dreams - Part 3 - Test Yourself - DG

There are so many issues that keep us from accomplishing our goals and realizing our dreams. But what about the dangers of reaching them and gaining a measure of success? Let’s spend some time considering our attitudes, testing ourselves and our hearts.

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Dreams - Part 2 - God's Dream or My Dream? - DG

Last week, we started our series by talking about Joseph and how God used him, despite the struggles and obstacles in his life. This week, we continue talking about Joseph. We learn how we can distinguish between what are our goals and ambitions, as opposed to God’s purpose and calling for our lives.

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Dreams - Part 1 – Living the Dream - DG

We often go through life without examining our situation or thinking about where we are going. If we’re comfortable, we can become apathetic. If we’re sinking in stress and despair, we often don’t have the energy to look ahead and beyond. But God wants to give us His dream for our lives. And that starts with seeking Him.

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Christmas at The Cove - Part 4 – New Peace - DG

Do you feel the pressure of the Christmas Season? To create memories and make everything perfect for everyone around you? Although Christmas is a crazy time of year, we can find perfect peace now and forever in Jesus Christ. Let’s look at how we do that!

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Christmas at The Cove - Part 3 – New Love - DG

We often talk about the New Covenant as being much simpler than the Old Testament with all its many laws. But in every case, Jesus made obeying God both less complicated and harder! His standards, for everything from our actions to our thoughts and motivations, are stricter than a set of laws and behaviors. But Jesus shows us the way and empowers us to love others!

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Christmas at The Cove - Part 2 – New Life - DG

Sometimes, life throws you a curveball. How confident are you that God is on your side? That He has a good plan for you? This week, we’ll learn that with our new lives in Christ comes God's favor, His Spirit, and new purpose for our lives.

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Christmas at The Cove - Part 1 – New Start - DG

Do you ever feel like you need a reset button for your life? Christmas reminds us that our God is always doing something new. He sent His only Son as the ultimate new start for all who would believe in Him. Let’s press on and live in that place of new beginnings, looking towards the future and forgetting the past.

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Beyond Our Comfort - Discussion Guide

Are you an adventure-seeker, ready for anything? A “control freak” who must manage every detail and have them go exactly to plan? Maybe you’re a bit of both: willing to “let go” in some areas, but desperately trying to hold on to control in other areas. As we look at this week’s study, be willing to be uncomfortable: in your group discussion and in your personal next steps.

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Keep Being Generous

There seem to be a lot of things to worry about. The holidays are a financially stressful time. Plus, we have supply chain issues, a shortage of workers, and inflation. People generally seem less kind and friendly. We can become frustrated, impatient, and focused on our own needs, making us less compassionate to others. Let’s see how we can get reconnected in relationships and in our care for others.

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On the Sidelines - Part 4 – Pray It Forward

Have you ever felt like real, effective prayer is for the “professionals”? Both Matthew and Luke record the disciples asking Jesus to teach them to pray. He did just that: The Lord’s Prayer is that model prayer for us. It is not what to pray but how to pray. It is a lovely, unifying prayer when Christians of many denominations gather for a service or memorial. Even in our private prayer times, Jesus’ prayer is the template, not just the recitation, that we should use to develop our own prayer life with the Father. He wants us to pray effectively!

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