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Week Two – Custom Christianity

Pastor and author Craig Groeschel has defined a Christian Atheist as “someone who calls themselves a Christian but lives like God doesn’t exist.” This week, we are reminded that there is a huge difference in "having it our own way" and living life in full surrender to God and His Word.

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Christian Atheist: Week One

We don’t have to face a life-or-death scenario to recognize our own faith as authentic or surface level. The terms “Christian” and “Atheist” are mutually exclusive except when defined by words in one sense and actions in the other. In this series, we will explore what it means to live consistent lives that reflect our professed faith. A Christian Atheist has Christian intentions, knowledge and self-identification that don’t match up with their everyday choices and behavior.

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Movie 4 – Wonder

In our movie this week, we see great courage and huge struggles. In our lives, we watch others suffer or we suffer ourselves. Let’s learn how to encourage ourselves and others while we lean on the love of Jesus.

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Movie 3 – Spider-Man

Peter Parker’s true identity as Spider Man is revealed and he instantly becomes a polarizing figure. Some people love him and look up to him. Others view him as a vigilante who does more harm than good. But everyone judges him and everyone has an opinion of him. Peter quickly finds himself being constantly criticized, constantly analyzed, and unfairly treated by the world he has tried to protect.

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Movie 2 – Hidden Figures

This week we watched as Katherine was marginalized and looked down upon. We can often allow the actions and words of others to tear us down or distract us from our greater calling. In this week’s study, let’s look for ways to set aside our distractions and differences, and focus on coming together. Let’ not grow tired of living out the purposes God has planned for our lives.

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Movie 1 – Warrior

No matter our life situations, we all have hurts, hang-ups, and habits which cause pain. Yours may be scars from an abusive childhood or relationship. You may have been betrayed or abandoned by a friend. You may suffer from addictions or situations such as financial struggles. Grief may be almost incapacitating you right now. God is near and asks you to come to Him for help.

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Part 1 – How to Introduce

Our Mission Statement: “At The Cove Church, we will Introduce our friends to Jesus, Learn to follow Him, and Celebrate His Presence in our lives.” If you belong to our church family, this is a commitment we ask you to make. It’s not just what the pastors or the staff do. At The Cove, we make it easy for you to invite, to say, “come and see” so that they meet Jesus. Learn how this week.

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Part 5 - Unity of the Spirit

As Jesus prayed for us, all the believers who would come to faith in him until the world ends, He prayed for unity. He prayed that we would love one another. In fact, He commanded we love one another as He has loved us (John 13:34). In a world filled with division and anger, how do we remain loving and unified, embracing reconciliation and restoration?

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Part 4 – Spiritual Gifts

Just as you are born with natural abilities and aptitudes, you are gifted at your spiritual new birth. The Spirit of God comes to live inside every believer and the Spirit also gives each one a gift. It is part of our lives’ purpose: to know and grow in our gifts, using them for the benefit of the Body of Christ and bringing glory to God.

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Part 3 - How Do I Walk in the Holy Spirit

Sometimes, we fall into thinking that all believers live an empowered life, hearing from God every day on every issue. We can become discouraged when this is not our experience. In reality, we are now the equivalent of the Old Testament Ark of the Covenant. The Holy Spirit does reside in us. Could it be that we are not positioning ourselves to experience God fully?

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