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Tell Me Lies - Part 1 – God Can't Use Me

Is it a lie that “I’m not enough”? Well, partially. But the truth does not end with our sinfulness and unworthiness. God has redeemed us and has a plan for our lives. Let’s look at how He makes us righteous and uses us in His work.

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Foolproof - Part 3 – The Good Life

King Solomon spent his life pursuing wisdom, purpose, and meaning in his life. We can “foolproof” our lives by applying the knowledge he gained (without having to live through all the messy experiments!). Let’s dive into what we can learn from Ecclesiastes.

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Foolproof - Part 2 – Trust God When You Suffer

Wisdom that comes from God is loving and just. But during suffering, it is better to seek God than understanding. It is more important to be in His presence than to discuss, dissect, and philosophize about pain. Whether you are in the middle of a situation, or you are the “friend” who should be supportive, make sure that you seek God, not the answer to “Why, God?”

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Foolproof - Part 1 - The Wisdom of Proverbs

At first glance, a look at the “Proverbs 31 woman” seems beyond us all, whether male or female. But the teachings of Proverbs are godly wisdom, passed down from fathers and mothers to their sons and daughters. What can each of us learn, even from ancient tasks and trades, that apply to and benefit our lives today?

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When You Hate Your Circumstances

Life has a way of getting messy. Sometimes, circumstances overtake us or people get in the way of our plans. Occasionally, we are in a certain situation because of our own bad choices and actions. When we are dealing with a crisis, what we do and where we turn amid the trouble can determine how it is resolved. Jonah, in the middle of a mess of his own making, turned his heart back to God for rescue. We can turn to God, no matter what circumstances are surrounding us.

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Declutter - Part 3 - Sorting Your Finances

Money. We build our lives based on how much we have and what we can get. However, God reminds us in His Word that how we use money influences our relationship with Him and others. Besides, He has every resource and provides what we need. How can we declutter our finances and declutter our wrong priorities while we still live in a rat race, material-focused culture?

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Declutter - Part 2 - Cleaning up Your Schedule

How you spend your time really matters, whether good, bad or wasted. If we want to add value and honor God, we need to start by evaluating our schedules.

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Declutter - Part 1 - Adding Value to Your Relationships

The relationships we already have really, really matter, whether for good or bad. If we want to add value and strengthen our relationships, we need to start with what we say or don’t say. The words we speak can injure, tear down, and destroy. However, they also have the power to heal, build up, and empower.

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Easter at The Cove 2023

The story of Jesus—His death and His Resurrection—is well known. For some, Easter is just another holiday to remember a great man. Yet Easter makes everything whole. It brings freedom from guilt; it opens the door to real life; and is the only way to eternal salvation. It all starts with acknowledging the penalty of sin and the payment Jesus made on our behalf. It continues as we begin to live in the hope and assurance that our God can give us a clean slate. Nothing is impossible for our God.

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Temple Within - Part 4 – The Holy of Holies

As we finish the series on the Tabernacle, we are entering the most holy place. But more than that, we are learning that we are now that special place, the residence of God’s Spirit. How we are preparing our hearts for Him and how we are living our lives for Jesus—these are the questions we will discuss this week.

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