Beyond Our Comfort

Beyond Our Comfort 

Discussion Guide  

Are you an adventure-seeker, ready for anything? A “control freak” who must manage every detail and have them go exactly to plan? Maybe you’re a bit of both: willing to “let go” in some areas, but desperately trying to hold on to control in other areas. As we look at this week’s study, be willing to be uncomfortable: in your group discussion and in your personal next steps. 

What you will need: A Bible or your Bible app, a notebook, pen, and highlighter. The verses highlighted below are linked so that you can easily access them during your study time. 

Jump Start 

1. Is there an area you are comfortable “going with the flow”? Is there another area that you are a bit compulsive about? 

2. Read Matthew 14:22-26. Why are the disciples in the situation they are in? What was Jesus doing? Have you ever felt you did exactly what God asked you to do, but ended up in a storm? 

3. Read Matthew 14:27-29. When we are afraid, what does Jesus do? What was Peter’s response? What parts of it trouble you? What parts inspire you?  

4. Read Matthew 14:20-33. When you step out of your comfort zone, what may be the result? What is always true? What is Jesus’ attitude toward Peter? What will be the result of your faith? 

5. Read Matthew 19:16-22. Why do you think the young man came to Jesus? Is Jesus’ answer what you believe about salvation? Then why did He ask this particular thing of the man?  

6. Ask God to call you beyond your comfort, ability, and understanding. In what area is God calling you to go beyond anything you can do, believe, or forgive? Consider things like remaining in a struggling marriage, resolving a conflict, or resisting a habit like gossiping or addiction. Pray for one another.


7. For this holiday week, do a personal study of some Bible heroes and regular people. Use your Bible commentary or a search engine to learn more about these individuals, their call, and how they responded. Consider your own heart and personality. Who do you most take after? 

Gideon: Judges 6:11-7:23 

Moses: Exodus 3:1-4:16 

Saul/Paul: Acts 9:1-19 

Isaiah: Isaiah 6:1-8 

Jonah: Jonah 1:1-4; 3:1-5, 10; 4:1-3